From Function to Fun: Fostering Meaningful Engagement with Chinese
Format: Sharing

Ms Kuo Jian Hong (郭践红)
The Theatre Practice
Ms Kuo Jian Hong serves as the Artistic Director of The Theatre Practice (“Practice”). An award-winning theatre director, lighting and set designer and independent filmmaker, Jian Hong has always taken on multi-faceted roles within the arts. Jian Hong’s artistic vision encompasses the broad spectrum of Practice’s artistic output, which transcends theme, genre and form. She is best known for being a pioneer in the Chinese language musical genre with such beloved works as “If There’re Seasons”. Her advocacy for the development of theatre for young audiences has led to her creating award-winning works such as The wee Question Mark series and The Nursery Rhymes Project, a three-part initiative.
郭践红是新加坡历史悠久的专业双语剧团——实践剧场的艺术总监。她是一名获奖剧场导演、灯光与舞台设计与独立制片人,也是一位全方位的艺术创作者。郭总监将艺术理念体现在实践剧场的作品当中,涵盖的范围广泛,超越了主题、体裁和形式。她是本地众多 华语音乐剧的幕后功臣,制作了广受欢迎的音乐剧,如《天冷就回来》及《聊斋》等等。同时,她也积极地发展及推广青少年剧场。她创作的《小问号》系列获得了奖项肯定,而她也主催了由三个项目组成的《儿歌新唱计划》。

Kuo Jian Hong, Artistic Director of Singapore’s longest-standing bilingual arts institution, The Theatre Practice (“Practice”), will share how Practice can inculcate a love for Chinese language and culture in today’s students by shifting their exposure to the language from the merely functional to having fun. Join her as she highlights Practice’s various endeavours including The Nursery Rhymes Project, a three-part initiative that playfully reintroduces classic Mandarin nursery rhymes to a new generation through an illustrated lyric book, album recording and a series of jukebox musicals. With children today increasingly losing touch with both their mother tongue and culture, The Nursery Rhymes Project is a quality resource for parents and teachers alike that facilitates meaningful inter-generational engagement and continues the tradition of nursery rhymes at home and in schools.