Planting a Story Tree with Your Child
Format: Sharing

Ms Tan Pek Kian (陈碧娟)
Grassroots Book Room
Ms Tan Pek Kian graduated from National Kaohsiung Normal University and is currently a full-time mother and part-time storyteller. She fell in love with picture books after coming into contact with them during her university days, which led to her starting a parent-child reading club when her eldest child was three years old. This not only provided a platform for parents to interact and exchange useful information, but evolved and became a portal through which parents could engage their children by leading them into the adventurous world of picture books. Ms Tan Pek Kian has collaborated with the Grassroots Book Room to organise various parent-child activities. She contributed actively by sowing seeds to develop the love of reading among little ones, in the hope that one day, they would blossom into avid readers who embrace reading.

What exactly is a picture book? How should parents help pre-school children choose a suitable book? What can parents do if their children are not fond of reading? Ms Tan Pek Kian, an avid reader and passionate advocate of picture book reading, will share how she interacts and reads with children. The session will provide practical tips for parents to create a conducive reading environment for children and highlight the importance of parent-child reading. She will also share the fundamentals of choosing appropriate books for children