Learning MTL Through Purposeful Play
Format: Panel Discussion

Ms Liu Ying (刘瑛)
MyFirstSkool McNair / NTUC First Campus
Ms Liu Ying is currently the Lead Chinese Teacher at My First Skool McNair Centre. She was the recipient of the Outstanding Pre-school Mother Tongue Language Teacher Award for Chinese in 2018. She received her bachelor’s degree in pre-school Chinese education from the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) and was awarded the SUSS MY World Preschool Gold Award in 2016. With 12 years of teaching experience, Liu Ying believes that by creating a relaxed and lively learning environment she will help children learn Chinese. She has also provided children with opportunities to learn through play by creating a variety of fun games and hands-on activities. She is a strong believer of life-long learning and recently graduated with a second bachelor’s degree in Chinese Language and Literature from SUSS in 2018.
刘瑛老师现任职于总优儿学府麦奈雅中心,是该中心的主导华文教师。她拥有新跃社科大学学前华文教育及汉语言双学士学位。刘瑛老师从事幼教工作十二年,她认为营造一个宽松活泼的学习环境能够帮助幼儿学习华语。在教学活动中,她为幼儿提供在实践中学习的机会,创设各种有趣的游戏活动,让幼儿在玩中学。同时,她也积极创设各种不同的情境活动,让幼儿活用华语,乐用华语,努力培养幼儿终身学习华语的兴趣。刘瑛老师曾获得2016年新跃社科大学 MY World Preschool Gold Award, 也是2018年杰出学前母语教师奖得主。
Mdm Zhang Shan (张珊)
MOE Kindergarten @ Punggol View
Mdm Zhang Shan is a Senior Teacher at MOE Kindergarten @ Punggol View. She has 10 years of experience in pre-school education. During this time, she has noticed a rise in the standard of pre-school education in Singapore, as more stakeholders see the value of quality pre-school education. She believes that pre-school children learn best from experiencing nature and through social interaction and games. In her teaching, she places great emphasis on children’s participation and experience. She is a firm believer that learning through purposeful play is the most effective way to learn
Mdm Lee Keng Chin (李琼君)
Mother Tongue Languages Branch, Curriculum Planning and Development Division, Ministry of Education  
Mdm Lee Keng Chin is a Senior Curriculum Planning Officer at the Mother Tongue Languages Branch, Curriculum Planning and Development Division, Ministry of Education. Her work focuses on the planning and development of teaching resources for the pre-school and pre-university Chinese Language (CL) curriculum. She has 20 years of experience in the Education Service and was awarded the Inspiring Chinese Language Teacher Award in 2017.
Dr Lin An-Chi (林安琪博士)
Dr Lin An-Chi is a full-time lecturer at the National Institute of Early Childhood Development and holds a PhD in curriculum and instruction, specialising in early childhood education from Arizona State University, USA. She has held professional portfolios as a teacher, academic director and faculty member in Taiwan, the United States and Singapore. Her research interests include young children’s development and learning, language development, social and emotional development, play education and parenting education. An-Chi is passionate about working for young children; she hopes to empower pre-service and in-service teachers to become proactive early childhood educators.

Purposeful play is an integral part of children’s learning. Children learn when they are engaged in play that is enjoyable and thoughtfully planned. In this session, early childhood experts and practitioners will share the different aspects and benefits of purposeful play, including how purposeful play can stimulate children’s thinking and creativity, so that they enjoy using their MTL.