Virtues: The Way to Character-Building
Format: Workshop

Ms Alicia Lim (林福丽)
PAP Community Foundation Sparkletots Preschool
Ms Alicia Lim graduated from the Queensland University of Technology and has 29 years of experience in the early childhood (EC) sector. Passionate in EC education, Alicia is currently the Lead Executive Principal at PCF Sparkletots Preschool. She manages a cluster of pre-schools and is responsible for planning, mentoring, people and centre development. She is highly interested in research, particularly in children’s learning environment, life-skills and character building. She loves to explore pedagogies that lead to quality teaching and learning outcomes. Alicia is an ECDA Fellow and also serves as a facilitator for The Virtues Project International Association. The Association advocates virtues education and promotes character-building among young children

Virtues: The way to character building Language has the power to inspire or to discourage. The language of positivity and gratitude can bring out the best in our children. In this session, parents and educators will learn the strategy to use the language of virtues to role model and help children to build character and self-esteem.