Learning Chinese in a Fun Way!
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Mdm Li Hongyu (李红玉)
West View Primary School
Mdm Li Hongyu actively explores new teaching strategies for Chinese. These include experiential learning which has greatly benefitted her students and allowed them to master Chinese; and rekindling her students' interest in learning Chinese through reading, speech and drama, and the singing of Xinyao songs. Students under her charge have won many championships in the National Chinese Speech and Storytelling competitions and have also made great progress in the Chinese Language classroom. Most importantly, they have enjoyed themselves tremendously in the process
Mdm Cheryl Yap (叶心慧)
Holy Innocents’ Primary School
Mdm Cheryl Yap is a teacher with 13 years of teaching experience and a mother of three young children. She understands the difficulty and challenges faced by teachers and parents alike in the teaching of Chinese to young children. A firm believer in making learning Chinese fun for her pupils and children, Cheryl was also awarded the Distinguished Chinese Language Teacher Award in 2018.

The teaching of Chinese requires constant exploration and experimentation. Teachers need to bring new learning experiences to students in order to hone their memory and deepen their understanding of the vocabulary they have acquired. In this session, teachers will learn to design interesting activities based on the Chinese Language textbook to help students use Chinese proficiently in their daily lives. Participants will also learn how to self-reflect and how to provide effective feedback to help students grow and experience the joy of success in learning Chinese. Through reading, speech and drama, the singing of Xinyao songs and the utilisation of ICT, the teaching of Chinese can be both engaging and fun. This will further enhance the interaction between teachers and students, thus motivating students to become more passionate and confident in the use of Chinese.