Have Fun with Exploring Mandarin Through Multi-Sensory Learning
Format: Workshop

Dr Jennifer Tsai
NTUC First Campus
Dr Jennifer Tsai, a Senior Education Development Specialist at NTUC First Campus has worked as a bilingual (English and Mandarin) pre-school teacher on both the East and West Coasts of America. She has worked as a Mandarin language instructor with different age groups ranging from young children to adult learners in countries such as USA, UK, Taiwan and Singapore. Dr Jennifer emphasises an affective focus in education through the use of picture books, and is skilled in designing meaningful activities to foster young children's language development. She has also worked in curriculum development and teacher training for in-service pre-school teachers.

This workshop aims to share tips with parents on the use of different multi-sensory activities to stimulate their young children’s interest and motivation in learning Mandarin. The presenter hopes to encourage parents and children to enjoy using Mandarin in their daily interactions through the use of interactive communication, picture books, creative art and craft, and nursery rhymes. These will be demonstrated during the sharing session.