Understanding the 2015 Primary School Chinese Language Curriculum - Supporting Your Child in Learning Chinese in School
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Ms Michelle Lee Qiao Rou
Punggol Green Primary School
Ms Michelle Lee graduated with a second upper honours degree and has 6 years of experience in the Education Service. She was involved in piloting the 2015 Chinese Language curriculum for 3 years and has shared effective teaching and learning strategies on various platforms. She believes in engaging students through fun and creative activities to help them learn better.
Ms Lee Wei Hui
Curriculum Planning and development Division, Ministry of Education
Ms Lee Weihui is a Senior Specialist at the Curriculum Planning and Development Division, Ministry of Education. She has 12 years of experience in the Education Service, and is currently involved in the planning and development of the 2015 Primary Chinese Language Curriculum, consultation and research for the Primary Chinese Language Curriculum, as well as the training of primary school teachers for the delivery of CPDD resources.
Mdm Chua Yinghan
Punggol Green Primary School
Mdm Chua Yinghan graduated with a honours degree and has 4 years of experience in the Education Service. She is experienced in teaching lower primary students and those who are weaker in Chinese. She understands her learners’ profiles well and strives to make her lessons engaging and fun through the use of group activities and games.

The 2015 Primary Chinese Language Curriculum was first implemented for the Primary One cohort in 2015 and subsequently rolled out to the same batch of students in Primary Five in 2019. The curriculum aims at enabling our students to communicate effectively in Chinese, to better appreciate their Chinese culture and to connect with other Chinese communities in Asia and beyond. Wei Hui, Yinghan and Michelle will provide insights on how young children learn Chinese in class using the 2015 Curriculum. The team will also demonstrate how schools can support their students in their transition from pre-school to primary school. Hands-on activities will be conducted for both parents and their children to provide ideas on how parents can engage their children to have fun learning Chinese.