The Joy of Learning Chinese
Pat's Schoolhouse Sembawang

Through a series of fun and exploratory activities, students at Pat’s Schoolhouse Sembawang experience the fun of learning Chinese in their daily lives. In order to extend the joy of learning of Chinese beyond school, the pre-school also seeks to establish a favourable home learning environment with parents through home-learning projects.

As part of the K2 children’s discovery theme on “The Little Red Dot”, teachers lead the K2s to explore Chinese culture, food, costumes and art via field trips. In small group discussions, they design and create their very own menu and prepare a variety of Chinese food and cultural items for sale to their parents. These fun activities help to develop students’ collaborative skills, and provide them with a platform to use Chinese in their daily lives.

After a term of exploring the discovery theme on "The Wonders of Water" through various fun water-related science experiments, teachers take the opportunity to extend the learning to from home for both parents and children. They are involved in a home-learning project to explore float and sink concept with common home items, as well as to discuss the uses of water and ways to save water.
Pat’s Schoolhouse Sembawang 以生动有趣的方式,让幼儿充分体验学习华文的乐趣。此外,为了鼓励幼儿在日常生活中使用华语,学校也与家长携手营造有利于学习华语的环境。


教师也邀请中班的幼儿和家长参加以“水”为主题的科学实验。通过家庭学习活动,家长和幼儿一起探讨水的沉与于浮的概念, 了解水的重要性。这些活动为家长和幼儿创造机会,让他们在家中也能用华语沟通。