Language Alive – The Experiential Approach
TOUCH Child Care (Clementi)

TOUCH believes in meaningful learning and lifelong skills in its approach to the teaching and learning of Chinese. To achieve this, the centre has embarked upon a thematic approach to its curriculum, enhanced by experiential learning. This involves a process of learning through experience and hands-on activities alongside the learning of Chinese. Through meaningful hands-on experience, Chinese language learning becomes fun and purposeful for learners. TOUCH gets its support via partnership and collaboration with its community partners through joint community projects and field trips. Chinese language learning becomes alive for the children, developing in them an interest in both Mother Tongue Language and good character.
触爱托儿中心(金文泰)相信学习华语不但意义丰富,而且终身实用。 因此,中心以体验式学习的活动,结合主题,让孩子们在整个学习过程中使用华语。 透过这种体验式学习,孩子们能够很自然地用华语沟通,使学习变得更生动有趣,目的也更鲜明。