Joy in Reading
Marsiling Primary School

In order to create a conducive environment for reading and to develop students’ reading interest and habits, Marsiling Primary School has a structured, school-based reading programme which caters to all levels throughout the year.

During picture-book reading, teachers employ Visible Thinking routines and effective reading strategies to enable students to make use of their prior knowledge and relate to what they come across in their daily lives.

The school-based reading programme and the provision of independent reading opportunities enable students to develop and enhance their reading comprehension, language and vocabulary skills. The reading programme also includes activities such as the School Book Day, Parent-Child Reading and Reading Passports. These activities aim to cultivate students’ interest in, and love of reading, so that reading becomes an integral part of their lives.


全年性的阅读活动和自身的阅读实践有利于学生阅读能力和语言表达能力的发展。全年性阅读活动包括“校园书香日”、“亲子共读”和“阅读护 照”。这些活动让学生们充分享受阅读的乐趣,吸引他们爱上阅读、爱上华文,使阅读成为学生生活中重要的一部分。