Chinese Language and Cultural Fortnight
Hong Wen School

To promote Chinese Language (CL) acquisition and raise cultural awareness in students, Hong Wen School infuses a new cultural element into the annual Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Fortnight re-positioning it as the Chinese Language and Cultural Fortnight (CLC Fortnight). The fortnight of activities revolves around a specific theme each year aimed at arousing students’ interest in learning CL and deepening their awareness of the Chinese culture.

Leveraging on inter-departmental collaboration and community partnerships, the school has implemented a comprehensive and well-curated programme for students, which includes assembly activities and cultural camps. One of the highlights is the Recess Carnival, where students experience joy in learning CL, reinforce their language competencies and gain greater understanding of their own culture through purposeful play. These meaningful learning experiences have enabled students to become more self-directed and confident in the learning of CL and Chinese culture.
为促进学生的语文学习与文化传承,宏文学校为母语双周这项常年活动注入了新的文化元素,将此活动升级为“华文华语与文化双周”,让学生同时体验学习华文华语和传承文化的乐趣。学校的双周活动每年都会围绕一个主题推展 ,借此调动学生的学习兴趣,让他们接触华族文化。