CL eXcite - Joy of Learning
乐学华文 – 活学活用
Xingnan Primary School

“MT eXcite Week” at Xingnan Primary promotes the joy of learning Mother Tongue Languages (MTL). This platform provides opportunities for students to learn and explore the learning of MTL in a fun and creative way. It also serves as a prelude to Mother Tongue Fortnight, during which the students further extend their learning.

During “MT eXcite week”, Chinese Language (CL) students of all levels undergo a variety of fun learning experiences in CL lessons. These learning experiences comprise activities based on four key themes: Joy in Songs, Joy in Exploration, Joy in Creation and Joy in Picture Books. These activities enable students to enjoy learning CL. Students are also encouraged to use their creativity to present what they have learnt. As such, students get to use CL more frequently and make meaningful connections in their learning, thus developing them into confident learners who will continue to find joy in learning CL.

进行“乐学周”时,各个年级的老师围绕着“乐在歌曲、乐在探索、乐在创作、乐在绘本” 这四大主题,设计有趣并且适合学生学习能力的活动,创造一个轻松、愉悦的环境,让学生融入其中,快乐地学习并使用华语。与此同时,学生能自由发挥创意,用他们喜欢的方式展现学习华语的成果,从而建立起使用华语的信心。