Developing Confident Communicators Through an Enriched Global Education
St Hilda’s Primary School

St. Hilda’s Primary School aims to develop confident communicators through an enriched global education. The “Newspapers in Education” initiative incorporated into the teaching and learning of Chinese serves to raise students’ awareness of both local and international current affairs, broaden their outlook, enrich their thinking and encourage them to form opinions.

Guided by the school’s ACTS Thinking Tool (Ask a Question, Challenge an Idea, Think further, Speak up), which aims to foster critical thinking, teachers facilitate in-depth class discussions that enable students to gain general knowledge, examine real-world dilemmas critically and empathetically, and articulate their thoughts in Chinese.

A Character and Citizenship Education component is also included which guides students to understand their global surroundings and analyse and perceive events from different perspectives based on our six core values.

通过学校独有的思维模式 ACTS(提出问题、挑战已知、深入思考、踊跃发言),教师引导学生进行深入的思考与讨论。学生借此加深了自身对环境、文化和公民意识课题的理解,提升了自己的人文情操。学生不但培养了批判性思维能力,更能够用华文表达深刻的想法。